Friday, November 19, 2010

Chef on Call: A Green Initiative

Congratulations to Chef on Call for making the change to being environmentally responsible!  From bio-degradable packaging to recycling oil, Chef on Call only goes to show that being environmentally sustainable is also economically beneficial! 
Please see below for a form filled out by one of their executives

Name:Nathan Gannage

The item(s) that intrigued me the most::From the start of our business, we planned to be environmentally friendly.  Since we are mostly a delivery restaurant, we knew we would be using a lot of packaging.  Therefore, we researched the most economical supplier ( And, although it is more expensive to use bio packaging, we thought it would, not only be a better look, but also better for the environment! We also do use it as a marketing tool when we advertised our brand.
The steps that I have already taken::We use bio-degradable packaging for all of our items. (Milkshake cups, straws, salad bowls, as well as sandwich containers)

We also recycle everything. including our deep fryer oil.

Additional comments::One thing i have noticed is that some of our food suppliers are not very environmentally friendly. When we order our dry goods they come in over sized cardboard boxes that are too big for what is actually in them. It's wasteful and we end up having to recycle a ridiculous amount of boxes in a week.

Please visit their site for some delicious and environmentally friendly options!

Stay bright!

-Dining in the Dark

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